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Prayer: To Grow in Love

Father, I come before you with a desire to grow in love. Through your Son Jesus, send your Holy Spirit to enlighten my mind and open my heart, to grant me wisdom, hope, and peace. May the Holy Spirit help me grow in gifts of discernment, knowledge, and compassion so that I may serve ...
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Prayer: To Be Bearers of Light

Jesus, you are the light that pierces the darkness. Open our hearts to encounter your presence, and to recognize your divine Spirit among us. Give us the courage to seek you and boldly proclaim the Good News. Transform us into faithful disciples that we might bear the light of Christ in the darkest places of our world. We ask ...
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Faith and Work

One of my favorite forms of prayer, one that I learned in my studies for spiritual direction, is the Daily Examen, which St. Ignatius of Loyola described in his Spiritual Exercises. As he began writing the Exercises in a cave, Ignatius realized that he needed a tool or a method ...
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Prayer: Ordinary Moments

Father, you come to us in our ordinary moments to awaken us and call us toward a new reality not of our own making. Help me to be willing to let go of what I seem to control in order to be claimed as a disciple of your Son. Let me have a share in your ...
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Prayer: The Gift of Baptism

Loving Father, help us to appreciate better the great gift of our own baptism. May our renewed awareness of the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives encourage us to act more compassionately and lovingly. This we ask in your name. Amen.   Adapted from The Word on Campus © RENEW International.
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Prayer: The Baptism of the Lord

O Father, may we come to life in the dangerous waters of baptism. May we find breath in the brooding Spirit enveloping us. May we hear your heavenly voice call us by name and bestow on us you favor and dignity. May we become a new creation filled with vulnerable power. May we go forth renewed as your sons and ...
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