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Prayer: The Healing Power

Good and gracious God, your Son’s teaching on forgiveness is hard to put into practice. Yet forgiveness brings us peace and harmony not only within ourselves but also with others and with you, our Creator. Enable us to let go of our painful memories and to experience the healing power of forgiveness that you continue to offer us. May ...
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Lost and Found

It is repulsive to imagine what it was like to be an African man or woman crammed into the hold of a dirty, smelly slave ship en route to being sold in the marketplace to work on a plantation in Cartagena in the 1600s. Hungry, sick, abused, and disrespected—those poor ...
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Prayer: To Be Reconcilers

God of all peace you reconciled the world to yourself in the death and resurrection of your Son. Help us to be reconcilers in the world: to bring about forgiveness to correct the wrongs we see, to quietly and fairly resolve our differences and to treat all as the loved individuals that they are. In your name we ...
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Prayer: To Be Grounded in God’s Love

Sustainer God, you are the rock who gives us solidity and stability in a shifting and chaotic world. Help us to be grounded in your infinite love, a love that finds life peeking through the cracks of our desolate situations. May we be witnesses to this life; a foundation for those who are in need of love and ...
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Add a Little More

Having attended parochial schools most of my school-age years, I was well acquainted with rules, laws, and commandments. Fear of breaking rules became second nature to me; I always wanted to please everyone. I was very compliant. As I got older, however, I got a bit weary and tended toward ...
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Prayer: To Grow in Love and Devotion

Loving Redeemer, thank you for the chance to live in your presence and to continue to learn more about you. Help us to seek you in all we say and do. Reveal yourself to us and help us to grow in our love and devotion to you. In your name we pray. Amen.   Adapted from The Word ...
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