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A Prayer on Ash Wednesday

Lord Jesus, your life on earth was a model of humility. Help me to imitate you in that virtue, showing my devotion not through extravagant displays, but rather through quiet and heart-felt prayer. Amen.   Adapted from RENEW International's LIVE LENT! Year C by Sr. Terry Rickard, OP and Deacon Charles Paolino.
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Prayer: Loving Day by Day

Jesus, it’s hard to comprehend just how privileged we are. You have chosen us as your students, your disciples, and you want us to fully mature as teachers of your Word and Way. No matter what our job, our career, and the daily tasks we embrace, you want us to follow your Way and represent you in every ...
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Prayer: Unconditional Love

Jesus, your witness of unconditional love and forgiveness is really difficult to follow. Please help me as I struggle. Don’t let me become discouraged. Help me to get back up each time I fail, and to resolve more firmly to be merciful and forgiving, as you were. Help me to realize each day that you have sent your ...
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Prayer: On the Beatitudes

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they will be satisfied. Generous God, bless those who are zealous in their quest for justice and keep them on a path that is always directed toward you. Fill them and us with a desire to see your “little ones” cared for and treated with dignity ...
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Prayer: For Courage in Discipleship

Jesus, brother and Lord, your call to Peter is echoed in my own call to discipleship. At times I feel unsure of how you could possibly desire me for this service. Yet, I know you can do great things with my life if only I consent. Take my hesitancy and my reticence and transform them into courage and ...
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Prayer: To Hear God’s Word

Holy One of Israel, You, who were rebuffed by your loved ones who would not receive the prophet’s call through you. I ache with your rejection. I want to hear the challenges of the prophets today and respond wholeheartedly, despite my fears of what this call may require. I place myself at your disposal. Direct me to ...
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