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Prayer: Listening to Our Hearts

Loving and generous Father, You alone know the workings of the human heart. Show us how to listen to the yearnings we have deep within ourselves. Remove from our midst any impediments or distractions that block us from turning to you in our need. Open us up to your healing touch and your bounteous goodness. Then we shall ...
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Prayer: To Act With Justice

The earth is yours, O Creator, and all that dwells therein is sacred. There is nothing that exists without your mark of divine love. Enlighten my mind, open my heart, empower me to act with justice. Help me feed the hungry, rather than hoard, clothe the impoverished, rather than consume, give out of my wants and needs, rather than oppress. I ...
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Prayer: Freedom from Possessions

Lord God, you came to set us free, but materialism threatens to enslave us. Give me the strength to confront my own unreasonable desires. Help me to take to heart your command not to worry about what we are to eat or what we are to put on. Free me from worry about my possessions. Help ...
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Prayer: For Married Couples

Jesus, our brother, you encounter us in a special way in the sacrament of marriage. You bestow upon us the graces which strengthen our relationship. Sometimes, however, it is not easy to remember your presence. Help us, Lord, to keep in mind that you are indeed with us ...
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Prayer: To Grow in Faith

Father, Creator and giver of life, help us to embrace the gifts you have given to us and show us how to use them generously in service to your people.   Jesus, Savior and Redeemer, show us how to let go of those aspects of our lives that inhibit our growth, make us timid and fearful, and ...
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Prayer: For Attention to God’s Word

Jesus, your words have power both to frighten and to delight me. Help me be attentive, to hear what you are teaching me about death and about life. Open my eyes to the challenges you put before me. Show me how to receive the “little ones.” Give me a generous spirit and a compassionate heart. I ask ...
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