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Prayer: For a Compassionate Heart

Jesus, please help us open our eyes and hearts and hands to those children of God suffering in our midst. Help us stand with people, as you did, when they are victimized or vilified because of their sexual orientation, their race or nationality, a disease they have, or criminal deeds they have done. Help us, ...
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Prayer: We Are Called

Jesus, we did not choose you. Rather, you chose us to go forth as emissaries of God’s love and peace into every part and place of our lives. What an awesome calling-- to be your eyes, your ears, your hands for others. Free us from the selfishness and fears that hold us back. Still us at the ...
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Prayer: Sowing Seeds

God, our Father, let us sow seeds of love and mercy. Let us sow the seeds of the gospel so that the Good News of your Son, Jesus, will take root throughout the world. Give us gifts of kindness and respect. Send your Holy Spirit with whatever gifts we need to ...
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A Prayer on The Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ

Our Father in heaven, God and Father also of the hungry, please care for them. May we honor your holy name by doing your will regarding those who hunger. As you give each of us each day our daily bread, we pray that our sisters and brothers may be blessed in like manner. Forgive us ...
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A Prayer on The Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity

Lord our God, thank you for bringing us into the love relationship that exists in your being from all eternity. We humbly offer you ourselves in return, and ask that you use us as you will in the work set before us. As you embrace us in solidarity, help us to embrace those around us who are alone and ...
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A Prayer on the Seventh Sunday of Easter

Lord Jesus, Redeemer and Lord, help us to be your presence in the world. May our hearts beat with yours, our hands reach out with your love, our feet move us more toward your compassion. Transform our eyes that we may truly see, our ears that we may truly listen, ...
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