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Posted by Sharon Krause on Jul 24, 2023 6:00:00 AM

Have you ever hesitated to do something, to take on a project, to try out an idea, because you thought you did not have the wherewithal to do the job right? Did that decision to delay the attempt relieve your worry, or did it just give someone else the chance to take over and, perhaps, be successful? Did you ever think, “Oh, I wish I had thought of that!” or, “I could have figured that out”?

Taking chances involves faith. When we wait until all the pieces are in the puzzle or all the conditions are positively right, we miss opportunities to be inventive and maybe even surprise ourselves. Worst of all, we leave the Lord out of the hypothesis and problem-solving. So what if something is not quite perfect? God is perfect and is ready to inspire us and help us on our journeys. Even if we fail in our attempts, at least we are doing instead of stewing. We learn and grow with our mistakes and failures if we bounce them off of the Holy Spirit. We certainly are not perfect, but God’s love for us is perfect and he is with us in all of our challenges.

                                      Procrastinator’s Prayer

Praise to You, Lord, who did not hesitate to suffer and die for the sins of humanity.

Reign in my heart and mind today and remind me of your presence.

Open my ears that I might hear words of encouragement and confidence.

Create new and good ideas in me that I can use to spread love and compassion.

Raise my hopes and dreams to help me to overcome fear and doubt in myself.

All-loving Lord, help me to do away with signs of laziness or neglectfulness.

Show me how to spread your mercy and love to other people today.

Teach me to trust in the inspiration of your Holy Spirit, even in little tasks.

Inspire in me words of forgiveness and starting-over with family and friends.

Now and forever, remind me to acknowledge and use well my God-given gifts.

All-loving Jesus, energize me with faith and enthusiasm for life.

Thank you for saving me every day in big and small ways.

I love you, and I am sorry for the times I have made unloving choices in my life.

O Savior of the world, teach me to act this day on my joyful inspirations.

New life and freedom are mine because of you, Jesus. Energize me today! Amen.


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About a Boat

Posted by Sharon Krause on Sep 20, 2021 6:00:00 AM

A friend of mine, Mary, was taking a course in spiritual direction many years ago. She asked me if I would let her do a practice session with me. We had had talks of a spiritual nature in the past, so I was happy to oblige.

We met and she asked me to try to visualize an encounter with Jesus. It wasn’t long before I could see, in my imagination, Jesus with me. We were in a rowboat, and Jesus was smiling a wonderful smile as he rowed. Jesus certainly knows me and my love of words very well, and so I saw a connection right away: my maiden name is Rowan, so, of course, Jesus was rowin’ the boat in which I was the passenger!

To this day, I remember how safe and secure I felt with Jesus in control. There were no troubles, threats, or worries in the boat, just Jesus and me. There was no real destination, but just a quiet togetherness. The whole exercise is a treasured memory, with an image I can recall when anxieties creep into my consciousness. The boat did not sink, because Jesus was rowing.

We read in the Synoptic Gospels about Jesus falling asleep while a storm tosses the boat, and his companions think they all will perish. When they wake Jesus, he calms the waters and sternly questions the apostles about the whereabouts of their faith. Jesus has control in this boating adventure.

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