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Prayer: Growing in God’s Love

God of mercy, Father of all, you welcome the downtrodden and are a voice for the voiceless. You feed the poor and offer forgiveness to sinners. And, above all, you sent your Son for the salvation of the world. Reveal to me my unrepentant, stony heart and replace it with a heart full of love and compassion. Place your Spirit ...
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Prayer: For All Families

God of radiant light, you spoke to Moses through the burning bush. You led the people through the desert by a pillar of fire. And you sent the purifying fire of your Spirit to renew and transform the earth. Strengthen our families as we face the seductions of this world. In these days of fulfillment, purify ...
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Prayer: For Compassion

Compassionate God, you adorn the earth with beauty, and gift the world with abundant life. You created human beings in your image and you instill in them your mercy and compassion. Strengthen all your servants to grow more fully in the divinity you have shared with us, so that we may offer your divine compassion to those who ...
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Prayer: For a Loving Community

Jesus, you showed us how a community should live. Loving and caring and helping one another were the cornerstones. We need to remember that we can help to create community. We can come together and share with one another, support one another, and love one another. It may seem difficult in these times, but your example ...
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Prayer: We Are Invited

Lord God, in your wisdom you invite us out of our complacency. You open our eyes to see you with new vision. You open our hearts to love you with greater passion, and you open our hands to serve you with the purest intentions. Lead us more deeply into the mystery of discipleship so that we may follow you with ...
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Prayer: For a Compassionate Heart

Jesus, please help us open our eyes and hearts and hands to those children of God suffering in our midst. Help us stand with people, as you did, when they are victimized or vilified because of their sexual orientation, their race or nationality, a disease they have, or criminal deeds they have done. Help us, ...
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