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St. Ignatius: Finding God in All Things

Who is this saint whose experience of Jesus Christ led to the founding in 1540 of a religious community, the Society of Jesus, dedicated to announcing the Good News through a multiplicity of ministries? In the United States alone, there are 28 Jesuit four-year colleges and universities. Among the members ...
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Letting Go of What Was

God of autumn, the trees are saying goodbye to their green, letting go of what has been. We, too, have our moments of surrender, with all their insecurity and risk. Help us to let go when we need to do so. -Joyce Rupp Summer is over and I am back in the ...
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Seeing Through the Fog

“Seek the Lord while you can find Him,” Isaiah says. “Call on [God] now while He is near” (Isaiah 55:6). Last week on my daily commute to work, besides battling the all-too-common traffic, I struggled with the descending fog that obscured my view. It felt as if I were ...
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