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Lenten Prayer – Let Yourself Be Healed

That we may discover new areas or old resistances in our lives in need of God’s renewing touch. That we may let ourselves be healed and grow to greater wholeness for the glory of God and the sake of our world’s salvation.   Light of Truth, Beacon of Hope, Fire of Love, in ...
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Lenten Prayer – Let Yourself Be Known

Gift us with greater freedom and simplicity in coming to know ourselves as beloved children, loved unconditionally by the God from whom we have nothing to hide.   Fountain of Life, Flood of Forgiveness, Overflowing Cup of Mercy, we drink from you, O Holy One. You make our dry hearts moist again, bring us back to ...
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The Feast of the Presentation of the Lord

The Feast of the Presentation of the Lord, celebrated on February 2, commemorates the first appearance of the Holy Family in the Temple in Jerusalem. Mary, although perpetually a virgin, underwent the ritual purification required of the mother of a firstborn son. In fact, for centuries, this feast was known ...
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