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A Prayer for the Fifth Sunday of Lent

My Lord and my God, you who are slow to anger and abounding in kindness and compassion, pour forth your mercy upon me. Help me to drop the stones of self-righteous judgment, and the stones of retribution. Let me always look with compassion and empathy on the actions of others. May I always leave judgment to you. May I learn ...
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A Prayer for the Third Sunday of Lent

Lord, thank you for your great mercy and the urgency of your call to live as your disciple. Thank you because, even when I mess up, you give me another chance. Help me to bring the good news of your love to others so that they, too, may turn back to your love. Give me the ...
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A Prayer for the First Sunday of Lent

God of mercy and compassion, forgive me for the times I fall into temptation, release and free me from the trap of sin. Give me the grace to be a more aware and self-reflective person, a person who takes responsibility for my actions and emotions and does not project those painful emotions on others. Help me to let ...
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Lenten Prayer – “The Lord… alone shall you serve”

In the "wilderness times" of our lives, our recourse is to God.   Lord Jesus, when I experience wilderness times, let me never forget God’s unqualified mercy. As I face times of testing, give me the grace to choose life. Guide me through this Lenten season with a renewed desire to entrust my life into your ...
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Don’t Leave It To The Priests

In this final column of the Jubilee Year of Mercy, which ends today, the message is to the point. Our call—as individuals—is nothing less than to spread the news of God’s mercy.   The Second Vatican Council issued this call to us, the laity, because we “live in the midst of the ...
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Better Than Life?

Psalm 63 was composed more than 3,000 years ago. But it presents us with an idea that’s radical even today: “Your mercy is better than life itself.”   Better than life? Such unquestioning trust in the mercy of God is a hard notion to accept in our secular age. But no one ...
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