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A Year with Pope Francis: Charming but Challenging

Among the things that fascinated me in my young life were the objects from Italy that were strewn around my grandmother’s kitchen.   There were calendars, leaflets, prayer cards, icons, and illustrated books about exotic places such as Rome, Naples, and Pompeii.   One of those items was a small hard-covered book that contained ...
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Lent, Part 1: Springtime in the Spiritual Garden

“Lent” is an Old English word for springtime. It is an appropriate word because as the season of spring prepares the earth to break forth into new life the season of Lent is a time to prepare to break forth, spiritually, into new life. As a gardener I love this ...
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With Eyes that See the Hope

I love driving to work these days. The flowering trees, the tiny green buds of leaves, daffodils and petunias popping out of the ground, baby animals tripping through the woods with their moms, kids walking to school without coats or heavy boots—these and more are signs of ...
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The More the Merrier

In many respects, the village my grandfather left behind in Italy in 1910 hasn’t changed much. There have been some alterations here and there, but if he could go back today he would recognize the place.   He certainly wouldn’t have any trouble spotting the house where he was born and where ...
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