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The Pope’s New Name

When Cardinal Albino Luciani was elected to succeed Pope Paul VI in 1978, the television network I was watching jumped the gun and flashed this name on the bottom of the screen: John XXIV.   The network had just broadcast live the announcement by the dean of the College of Cardinals, ...
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New Beginning

During this Year of Faith, we will blog reflections and stories to accompany you on your faith journey.   There were two things about receiving the sacrament of confirmation that we dreaded when we were kids. One was the “slap on the face” we would get from the bishop; the other ...
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Hold on to Your Peace / Que nada ni nadie os quite la paz

“Let nothing and no one take away your peace; do not be ashamed of the Lord.” — Pope Benedict XVI to the young people gathered in Spain on August 16 With around two million participants last month, the World Youth Day held in Madrid ranks as the third most attended. In a ...
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