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A Prayer for the 1st Sunday of Lent

Gracious God, accompany me as I navigate the conflicts and struggles in my life. Help me to trust in your covenant love and your desire to lift me up when I stumble in the face of temptation. Thank you for your faithful love and for never giving up on me. Guide me through this Lenten season to a ...
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A Prayer on Ash Wednesday

Generous God, we thank you for all that you have given us. May the fast and prayer of this holy season help us value your gifts — not only as blessings in our own lives but as resources that we can share with those who are in need who are our sisters and brothers. We ask this ...
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Lenten Prayer – Becoming the Message

We are your work of art, O God, in many tongues, we tell one story. In infinite variety, we reflect your beauty. Fashion us anew, Father Creator, for we have dimmed your image and failed to grown in your likeness. Deliver us from judging others by our limited perspectives, often missing your message and mistreating ...
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Lenten Prayer – Recognizing the Gift, Trusting the Giver

Gracious Father, whose gift is life and whose love is eternal, touch us and make us lovers of life, lovers of you. We long to be transformed into a people particularly your own. Shape our lives for service and set our feet on the path of justice. We entrust our lives into your ...
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Lenten Prayer – Remembering, Reforming, Repenting

Spirit of God, source of all truth and judgement, who alone can undo the powers that grip our world, in our times of temptation, give us discernment.   When we are drowning in self concern, save us by your grace.   Call us this Lent to genuine conversion of heart.   Make us bearers of the Good News in our words and deeds.   Take ...
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Lenten Prayer – To See the New Things God is Doing

As we journey into Lent and Easter, let us pray for God to become the subject of our seeing, the One who sees in us. This ability has been given to us through the outpouring of the Holy Spirit into our hearts.           Spirit of Faith, take hold of our hearts. Refashion them ...
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