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Prayer: Take Up the Yoke of Jesus

Dear God, we praise and thank you for Jesus who is your Word, your revelation. Please help us to open our hearts, our minds, and our lives to your truth and your way. Help us to accept our own burdens and to be willing to work toward easing the burdens of others. We believe our lives will be ...
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“Hear the Word!” by Bill Ayres: Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

A reading from the Book of the Prophet Zechariah (Chapter 9:9-10)   Israel was surrounded geographically on all sides by larger, more powerful nations and was often conquered as war-like kings came riding into town in horse-drawn chariots. But the prophet Zechariah presents a quite different picture of the true king:   “Thus says the ...
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Paying Attention to the Ps

I enjoy writing and am very conscious of words and letters. I enjoy word play, poetry, and the study of words. It is not a surprise, therefore, that I noticed the repetition of the letter P in recent news reports. For example, lately I see the words and initialisms: pandemic, ...
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Importance of Keeping Community

When my parents and I picked up my belongings from my spring semester at Loyola University in Maryland, I could not help but notice the emptiness around campus. While I returned my key and walked across the quiet bridge, I recalled the liveliness of the campus when we all had ...
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Doors and Entrances

Doors are a big part of our lives. We use many kinds of doors every day. We lock doors, knock on doors, hold doors for others, see who is at our door, and open and shut doors more times than would want to count. Doors symbolize opportunity, protection, freedom, new ...
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Prayer: Take Up Your Cross

We are loved by our God, yet we often love poorly. Show us the way, Lord.   You have made us your sisters and brothers, yet we often ignore the crosses of our sisters and brothers in God’s human family. Show us the way, Lord.   Although you accept us as we are, we often do not accept others or ourselves. Show ...
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