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Saints in Green and Red

Saints come in all colors, and this week the two we celebrate are green and red. These colors pale in comparison to the qualities and characteristics of the lived faith of these saints. As I thought about these brothers – our brothers in faith – I couldn’t help but also see them as inspirational as we strive to live our call to the new evangelization and catechesis.
During his 40 years of missionary work in Ireland, St. Patrick built many churches, churches that were first fashioned by him and his disciples with human cords of love. Those who converted to Christianity in Ireland said YES because of the loving welcome each experienced. What a marvelous example of evangelization we have in him – in them! So if you are inclined to be “wearin’ the green” on March 17, may you also be a beacon of hope and love in the spirit of the Christ he so loved and shared.
And then there’s St. Joseph, celebrated on March 19 as the husband of Mary. He inspires us to be people of integrity. His faithfulness to the law is trumped by his commitment to treat others with dignity wrapped in love. This is his story of God and Mary. Joseph knew that dissolving his betrothal to Mary would be consistent with his faith tradition, and he was choosing to do so quietly out of respect for her. However, he learned in a dream that God wanted him to take Mary into his home in faith and trust. Joseph reminds us that what is observable doesn’t always reveal the truth that God inspires in our hearts. If you are wearing red, as is the custom of Italians on this day, may you reveal your loving heart by treating all people with dignity and respect.
Saints are ordinary folks like you and me who live extraordinarily in the time and place of their earthly journey. May we follow their examples by being colorfully Christ-like, living the good news and inviting others to experience it too.
Anne Scanlan is a member of the RENEW staff, serves on the Why Catholic? team, and is an exceptional liturgist.

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