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Reaching Out to Young Adults

Campus RENEW is a faith-sharing process which has been enthusiastically welcomed on college and university campuses. It bolsters campus ministry programs using students and faculty to encourage peer involvement. RENEW helps students find or reconnect with their faith during this time of emerging adulthood. In keeping with the concerns of students looking to educate themselves about social and global issues, RENEW International has developed, “The World on Campus”. This new faith-sharing resource addresses current issues as seen through prayer, Scripture, and Catholic Social Teaching. RENEW Theology on Tap is a highly sought-after program by many parishes throughout the country and around the world. It is a dynamic young Catholic adult ministry which evangelizes young people and helps lead them back to active involvement in the Church. Adults in their 20’s and 30’s gather together in comfortable group settings and explore theological topics made relevant to their lives and experiences today. Young people are happier once they know the comfort and strength of God’s love and receive guidance from Scripture. Through the programs and materials of RENEW International, they are finding their own adult voice and embracing their faith, while discovering the joy of celebrating spirituality with others.

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