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Lenten Prayer – To See the New Things God is Doing

As we journey into Lent and Easter, let us pray for God to become the subject of our seeing, the One who sees in us. This ability has been given to us through the outpouring of the Holy Spirit into our hearts.
Spirit of Faith, take hold of our hearts.
Refashion them ever more closely into the heart of Christ.
Spirit of Love, move among your people.
Fill us with that same love that turns us toward one another
in friendship and trust.
Spirit of Hope, stand before our eyes.
Reveal the good in ourselves
that we often hide and the good in others
that we often we fail to see.
Spirit of God, lift the clouds of doubting.
Give us a new vision of
the world that you designed.
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
take hold of our hearts and make us your own,
a people set free to love and serve
the world in Jesus’ name. Amen.
Excerpted from Lenten Longings – Year C: Seeing With God’s Eyes, available from RENEW International.

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