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I Can’t Hear You When the Water is Running

One afternoon I was at the kitchen sink washing some dishes. One of the other sisters in the house came in and started asking me a question. I saw her mouth moving but couldn’t really hear what she was saying. I turned the water off and said, “Sorry, I can’t hear you when the water is running.”

I have reflected on that statement a number of times since. It occurs to me that God often tries to speak to us, and we can’t hear God because, metaphorically, the water’s running. We live in a noisy world. There is the never-ending barrage of noise from cell phones and video games and the constant advertising and “voices” telling us how to think and feel and behave.

I wonder if there is a connection between the amount of noise in our lives and our inability to hear and notice God.

What kind of noise do you have in your life?

The noises in our lives are like the water running and our not being able to hear each other. It’s the same thing with hearing what God is saying – whether in situations, words, or through another person. We need to “turn off the water.” We need to have quiet times in our lives in order to hear God and to be aware of God. We need to cultivate a quiet stillness within. This takes practice and intention on our part.

Where do you go to “turn off the water” and make a quiet space each day?

Sister Eileen is a member of the RENEW staff, a spiritual director, and an avid Mets fan.

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One Response to “I Can’t Hear You When the Water is Running”

  1. That’s a true reality we are currently living. I am always fighting with the media/technology to get peace at home and better communication within our family members.

    We go to mass weekly and during the week to bible study.

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