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Sharon Krause

Sharon Krause is a longtime resident of Manchester, CT, where she is a wife, mother and grandmother. Born in Middletown NY, she earned a BA from Mount St. Mary College, Newburgh, NY, and is a graduate of the Archdiocese of Hartford CT Catholic Biblical School. Over the years, she has served as an Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist, a CCD teacher, and has been a writer for “Quest,” reflection booklets for Small Christian Communities. Sharon has worked in direct sales, retail sales and customer service. She enjoys writing both prose and poetry. Currently, she is a reader/ lector at her parish church, St. James.


With the world health challenges, it is an understatement to say that life has been disrupted this Lenten season, and not because of our usual choices of self-discipline and penance.   Today we celebrate St. Francis of Paola, Italy (1416-1507), who would probably be in his element if he were here. His chosen life included […]

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Note: We can pray with the liturgical readings of the day, even if we can’t attend Mass during the pandemic. Sharon Krause continues to offer her reflections to inspire our prayer.   “Breaking news!” Accompanied by some special music, the news on television is often interrupted by a breaking news update, and it is usually […]

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I believe that while I was on a Lenten weekend retreat, the Lord showed me my own personal parable. With no apparent provocation, I was reminded how, many years ago, when I was a little child, I was sitting on my front porch steps waiting for my daddy to come into view as he walked […]

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On this St. Patrick’s Day, parades and parties have been postponed as we respond to the coronavirus. Yet it remains fitting to honor St. Patrick, to ask for his prayers, and to allow him to teach us the holiness we need at this difficult time.   St. Patrick was a very poor and humble man […]

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Life in the 21st century is anything but slow-paced. With the high-speed internet, high-speed transportation, and high-speed food preparation—just to name a few fast things—humans are able to find time to accomplish many tasks and often simultaneously. Multitasking is faster, more popular, and easier than ever.   On the Church calendar for March 9 is […]

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“Little lazies” is what I call them. You know them: those small chores or actions you don’t do, because you don’t deem them urgent or important; or, better still, you think someone else will do them. Remember that saltshaker you did not refill, or that paper-towel dispenser that was on its last towel? I think […]

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Blessed are we who are comforters, for we shall ease each other’s pain.   Blessed are we who forgive our partners, for we shall know peace.   Blessed are we who are sympathetic listeners, for we shall better understand ourselves and our partners.   Blessed are we who remind each other of happy memories, for […]

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