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Peter Yaremko

Peter W. Yaremko, a former journalist, is the owner of Executive Media, Inc. He is a specialist in executive communications, including speeches and slide presentations with graphic, video, and live-speaker support. His skills include scripting and production of product launches, sales rallies, customer events, recognition meetings, board meetings, and management conferences. He is the author of A Light from Within and A Fat Guy in a Fat Boat (Pamet River Press). His blog is at He attends St. Peter the Apostle Church in Provincetown, Massachusetts.


With the celebration this weekend of Independence Day, we remember that God’s mercy can be witnessed in both the freedom he offers us and the way he loves us.   Freedom is a big deal in the Gospel. However, freedom in the New Testament means something very different from the way we commonly understand that […]

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The Internet came on the scene back in 1995 or so. By 2000, it was becoming a household word, and business people adopted the mantra “The Internet changes everything.”   In the Church, we are halfway through our celebration of the Jubilee Year of Mercy.   When the Holy Father proclaimed the jubilee year, he […]

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A father’s first duty is to protect his children. That goes for not only earthly dads, but for our Heavenly father as well. His embrace encompasses even those furthest from him.   This is why the words we hear most often in Scripture are “Do not be afraid.”   Many wonder why a loving God […]

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The Second Book of Samuel tells of the great sin King David committed when he had one of his soldiers purposely slain in battle so David could take the man’s wife for his own.   Speaking through the prophet Nathan, God told David, “You have done this deed in secret, but I will bring it […]

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During his training as a Jesuit in 1960s Argentina, Pope Francis taught literature. He also was a friend of the great Argentine author Jorge Luis Borges.   So it’s no surprise that his recent book, The Name of God Is Mercy, is an inspiring look at what he calls “the first attribute of God.”   […]

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One message of this Jubilee Year of Mercy is that we can be assured God loves us. Perhaps the greatest proof of this is the gift of his body and blood in the Eucharist. Pope Francis said, “The Eucharist is Jesus, who gives himself entirely to us.”   Isn’t this the core understanding of what […]

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From earliest times, our ancestors have recognized and been awestruck by God’s love for us and his mercy in creating and sustaining us. The Book of Proverbs revels in the idea that the creator “found delight in the human race” (Proverbs 8:31). And the Psalmist sings a song of wonder: “What is man that you […]

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The prophet Elijah sought God in windstorm and earthquake and fire. But he heard God only as a “still, small voice” (1 Kings 19:12). In Psalm 46, we are advised to “Be still, and know that I am God.”   But after more than a week of prayer in the upper room, the apostles were […]

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If Jesus forgave and prayed for those who were nailing his hands and feet to the cross, how much more does he love us who turned to him in repentance during Lent? This is a most welcome thought as we journey through this Jubilee Year of Mercy.   As Eastertide draws to an end, we […]

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May is traditionally the month dedicated to the Mother of God. She holds special significance for us during this Jubilee Year of Mercy because, through her willingness to bear the Christ child, God became “visible’’ in a particular way as the Father who is rich in mercy.   Pope Saint John Paul II, in his […]

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