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For the First Time

I saw the wonderful actor Judd Hirsch perform in Yasmina Reza’s play Art on two occasions.   In the play, Hirsch’s character is outraged when he learns that a close friend has spent a lot of money on a painting that consists of a white background and a few additional strokes of ...
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Fruits of our prayers / El fruto de nuestras oraciones

We at RENEW recently celebrated Dominican Sister Marenid Fabre’s Jubilee in honor of her 25 years of religious life. Sister Marenid worked as a missionary in the Caribbean islands and Colombia before her calling brought her to RENEW. Now she trains lay leaders as they foster small communities of faith ...
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Getting to Know You

I ran into an old friend this summer in Sarnano, a town in the region of La Marche in east-central Italy. I hadn’t expected to be in Sarnano in the first place, and I had expected even less to see him there. Many Americans have never heard of Le Marche, and ...
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