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Prayer on Good Friday

God of our dyings and our risings, we pray as another Lent gives way to Easter glory. Bathe us in your mercy; flood us with your light; transform us into your Easter people. Hold us close to your heart, dear Triune God, for, safely sheltered there, our deepest longings are fed and fired. From your holy haven, may ...
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Lenten Prayer – Let Yourself Be Loved

That we may grow in our desire to give ourselves over in love to God and God’s people as we pray for and reflect on the grace to let ourselves be loved.   Gracious and compassionate God, as your Christian people, we have been signed with the cross of your Son. Place us once ...
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Lenten Prayer – Let Yourself Be Unbound

That we may discover new reverence for the mystery of the Communion of Saints which transcends time and space to unite us with one another.   O Holy Trinity, God of love, breathe in us, move among us, gather us into you. Resettle us on the soil of our earth to free one another through the mutual ...
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Lenten Prayer – Let Yourself Be Known

Gift us with greater freedom and simplicity in coming to know ourselves as beloved children, loved unconditionally by the God from whom we have nothing to hide.   Fountain of Life, Flood of Forgiveness, Overflowing Cup of Mercy, we drink from you, O Holy One. You make our dry hearts moist again, bring us back to ...
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Lenten Prayer – Let Yourself Be Amazed

That we may understand more deeply the transforming power of God active in our lives. That we may let ourselves be amazed by wonder while committed to work for justice.   God of mountaintop experiences and God who accompanies us down the mountain, walk with us again. You invite us to a place apart. Do you ...
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Lenten Prayer – Let Yourself Be Led

Lead us to greater self-understanding and to reverence anew God’s way of leading us to our deepest peace and truest potential through life’s rhythm of joy and struggle.   Tender God of the garden and the desert, you give life graciously as overflowing gift. You pour out your lavish grace on us even when we ...
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