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Faith is often caught as much as it is taught!

A reflection for Catechetical Sunday, September 15, 2013   It was a fun and inspiring visit last Saturday. Two children played on the floor creating funny videos of each other; the adults conversed about everything and anything as the children pretended not to be listening; there was music and TV in the ...
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Strong Women of Africa: Burundi—Marguerite Barankitse, Part I

Marguerite—Maggy, as she’s called—creates oases, drawing from a deep well of faith that allows the waters of God’s love to flow into the desert of the Burundian province of Ruyigi to make it bloom.   I first met Maggy in 2004 when RENEW International began its partnership with the bishops of the ...
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Home Away from Home

I was on staff at a retreat house and, as leader of song, I had a full view of the congregation for every gathering. One Sunday afternoon at the closing retreat Mass, I noticed a young woman I had not seen all weekend. Granted, there were about 175 women ...
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