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Advent: A Time of Visitation Moments

In the last two years of her life, my mother received notes from various people telling her of their gratitude for her friendship and the impact she had on their lives. I shared snippets of them during the eulogy at her funeral. One is a letter from Rosemarie to my ...
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God’s Gift: He Hears Our Prayers

Prayer is our privilege. This may sound strange, but when we pray it means that we first have a relationship with God—a God we believe in and trust, a God who loves us and therefore extends to us the privilege of speaking to him whatever is in our hearts.   As we ...
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Home Away from Home

I was on staff at a retreat house and, as leader of song, I had a full view of the congregation for every gathering. One Sunday afternoon at the closing retreat Mass, I noticed a young woman I had not seen all weekend. Granted, there were about 175 women ...
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