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Small Community Ideas that Work: Making the Most of Scripture in Your Small Group

scripture_groupRENEW has been creating small-group materials for nearly forty years and, during that time, one of the constants has been placing scripture readings at the core of every session. Open any RENEW resource, on any topic, and there in the session you will find the instructions to read a specific passage from scripture.
Why do we do this? We do it because sacred Scripture is the inspired word of God and contains everything we know about Jesus. His very words are there for us to read. It is the source and foundation of our faith.
Your small group can gain a great deal from making scripture central to what you do. There are simple things which will help you get the most from those readings. At the end of your session, ask for a volunteer, or assign a reader for the next week. Ask them to read the passage ahead of time and practice it. That will allow them to read with both ease and conviction.
Encourage your small group to read the daily readings. You can find them easily with an app for the missal on your phone or tablet, or by going to the U. S. Conference of Catholic Bishops website where you can also sign up to have the readings sent to you via email every day.
Taking the time to make Scripture a part of your daily life is yet another way to bring your small group together through shared experience. Delving deeper into the Gospels beyond the Sunday readings will give you a more complete understanding of Jesus, bringing you closer to him.

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