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“Let It Go, Start Again”

We have rung in another new year. I am an optimist and I believe in making resolutions for a better, fuller, holier, and healthier life in 2014. But I struggle with the truth that I have made many resolutions in the past and by the end of the month many of these resolutions have dissolved. I excuse myself. January is not the greatest time to start anew—it is cold, dark, and long, at least for us who live north.
So I struggle as I reflect on my life and on the positive changes I want to make. I remind myself that I live not by unrealistic optimism but by faith imbued with the hope—all things are possible by God’s grace. I also assent to what the experts tell us about making positive changes: make it doable, start small, celebrate small wins, and gradually make changes that become lifetime habits. So the dilemma: what do I resolve to do in 2014?
A couple of weeks ago a colleague shared with me a mantra that has been a help to her: “Let it go, start again.” This phrase has captured my imagination. Already, I have repeated this phrase to myself and others. So this is what I resolve to do in 2014: whatever new and good habits I try to embrace throughout this coming year, I will repeat this mantra when I fail at them: “Let it go, start again,” and lean on God’s mercy as well as my own.
If you need something concrete to do in 2014 review the suggestion below. I am going to try it but it is not a resolution! If I fail to drop in a piece of paper after a few weeks or months, that will be okay with me—I will let it go and start again.
Create a blessing jar for 2014.

Sr. Terry is the Executive Director of RENEW International and a Dominican Sister from Blauvelt, NY.

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6 Responses to ““Let It Go, Start Again””

  1. S Honora says:

    I love it and so simple and do-able. So often when we try to review the past year we forget the good things…and easily remember the hard or tragic ones. This prevents that. Yeah!

  2. Mary P says:

    This jar is an excellent idea. 2013 was not the best year in my life and I have prayed to be healed of all the hurt which happened. I really think we hang on to too much of the hurt which happens to us. We need something like the jar to put all of the good things in so they are available to us when we need a boost throughout the year. Another thing which I came across in my spiritual reading is to not try so hard to eradicate those things in our lives which we would like to change, but to concentrate on bringing Christ more completely into our lives and letting Him push whatever part of us is not following His will out of our life.

  3. Peggy McVetty,OP says:

    I’m so with you–to try the “do-able” . I’m hoping to remember one way I’m preached to each day–however that preaching comes!

  4. Kathy Flynn says:

    I love your reflection! Thank you for sharing it with all of us…

  5. bill reilly says:

    here’s praying you need a bigger jar to hold them all ….thanks

  6. Marge Sickinger says:

    Thanks, for the Jar idea, it can be used in many ways.

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