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God’s Gift: He Hears Our Prayers

Prayer is our privilege. This may sound strange, but when we pray it means that we first have a relationship with God—a God we believe in and trust, a God who loves us and therefore extends to us the privilege of speaking to him whatever is in our hearts.
As we reach out to God—to Love—we begin by pausing to acknowledge that God is present to us. It is out of this heartfelt connection that we then present to God—with confidence—our needs and petitions.
As RENEW staff, we take this relationship with God to heart. We are each and all committed to being in an on-going relationship with God that allows us to intercede on behalf of others. We do this for ourselves, other staff members, and you.
Each day we pray for all those who are at present in relationship with us by participating in our processes and using our resources. We ask God’s blessings to unfold in the way that each participant needs, and we trust our loving God to hear and answer in God’s wisdom and time.
We are deeply aware and grateful that participants, donors, and benefactors make our ministry possible. We also know that they, too, have needs and hopes and dreams, and these too we bring to God in prayer.
And, of course, we trust the Spirit who leads and guides us in our ministry to the dioceses that can most benefit from our services at any given time. To that end, each of us prays for specific dioceses, whether or not they are already undertaking a RENEW process.
In all of these ways, we recognize the gift of faith we have been given and the blessing we are privileged to share daily through intercessory prayer.
To submit your prayer request, click here.

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